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Psychotherapy and Individual Therapy

Many who undertake individual therapy externalise their problems as being outside their control, so they feel powerless to change them. Some feel that if they move countries, find a new partner or get a new job that their problems will also go away.  The truth is that you take your ‘self’ where ever you go; so the problems often repeat themselves, until you work on them.

According to James Masterson (1988) those with an impaired sense of ‘self’  end up blaming “life” rather than owning their problems, so they avoid facing them, becoming passive to take responsibility for life’s challenges, denying the impact that these problems have on their lives. Many are fearful of looking within to find themselves’. Instead the ‘false self”  takes over by defending against painful feelings and avoiding to face reality. When the ‘real self’ hides behind feelings, the’ self’ remains impaired and does not grow, but  avoids painful feelings, with self-defeating behaviours, which enables them to further escape reality, rather then face it.

Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Melbourne

Counselling in Melbourne Services are specialised in the Masterson therapeutic approach, which  promotes the ‘real self’ to develop, so the self becomes strong enough to cope with emotions and can overcome self-destructive behaviours. Our psychotherapist allows individuals to activate their real self, develop confidence, manage feelings, enable better coping, stability and continuity in the self. Counselling allows individuals to see themselves and others more clearly, while feel secure within themselves and relationships (Masterson, 1988).

As a  Masterson therapist or psychotherapist, our therapist is specialised in working with the impaired self,  to strengthen the self, so the self can face life challenges and better mange situations, by progressing the self to grow. Self cohesiveness creates a  sense of stability in relationships,  work,  career, etc. It is by working on developing the self, one an move past areas that keep them stuck.

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