Premarriage Counselling in Melbourne

Pre Marriage Counselling

Premarriage counselling Melbourne ensures that the relationship has a strong foundation so couples are equipped to handle the challenges. Pre marriage counseling assists couples to cope with the next stage their life together, while couples work on areas that may get in the way once they’re married.

Pre-marriage counselling Services.

Pre-marriage counselling in Melbourne assists couples to have a smoother transition into the next phase of life together. If issues remain unresolved by the time they get married, couples can become stuck and not be able to deal with other issues that arise along the way. It is important couples can communicate and successfully negotiate on important matters, such as raising of children. Premarital advice provides the impartial and neutral  holding environment for couples to open up and express issues.

John Gottman studied why married couples end in divorce. A  prediction for divorce is when couples raise issues in a harsh way ( being negative, accusatory) which causes the conversation to end badly. A negative comment will evoke a defensive reaction in the other, creating a defensive pattern of interaction. Gottman described these negative interactions, that  cause marriage failure, as the Four Horseman of Apocalypse; which include criticism; contempt; defensive and stonewalling. Pre-marriage couples counselling can defuse defensive reactions, so couples can become unstuck from negative patterns of interaction and foster a deeper understanding for each other.

Premarital Couples Counselling  in Melbourne.

A Pre-marriage guidance counselor can ensure the couple can work together, considering each others needs and attuning to them. So the therapy gets the emotional roadblocks out of the way, so they can see and hear each other clearly. The way that couples resolve problems becomes a determining factor  for relationship success, in order for them to develop a solid platform to manage a life together.  Premarital therapy assists couples to self-activate and express their real needs and concerns, so they can  become heard and needs become negotiated together.

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