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Depression counselling helps people suffering from depressive episodes and in changing negative thoughts and feelings that hold you back from living your life.

  • Feeling low, blue, or melancholic?
  • Seeing the glass half empty and being negative about life?
  • Feeling lifeless, without energy, flat and dull?
  • Feeling anxiety?
  • Feeling hopeless about the future?
  • Have no drive or motivation?
  • Finding life pointless?

If such thoughts prevail in your mind at all times, there are high chances of you suffering from depression. Being depressed can hold you back and prevent you from living your life freely.
At Counselling Service Melbourne, we offer counselling for depression to help people to overcome negative feelings and live a happy life.

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What is depression?

Depression can be the manifestation of anger turned inwards toward the self, creating underlying feelings of self-loathing or self-hatred. Many people have internalised that they are not good enough, which affects how they feel about themselves.

Depressed individuals can have a distorted perception of themselves and self-limiting beliefs. These negative self-beliefs distort the way they see themselves and events that happen to them. They are often seen blaming themselves for things that are not their fault, magnifying their problems, or taking things personally.

Individuals who are depepressed hide the real self to avoid feeling this way. Therefore, they give up on situations that offer them self-fulfilment and avoid putting themselves out there to avoid perceived failure or feeling unworthy. By breaking through these distorted thinking patterns, the real self can emerge and embrace self-fulfilment, allowing the self to flourish in all aspects of life.

Melbourne Depression Counselling 1Individuals with depression lack inner resources that help in pushing themselves forward. They give up on life, not having enough motivation to get them through. Repressing feelings takes more energy to escape, so the spark within them becomes diminished.
It is important to realise that keeping feelings repressed can perpetuate depressed states of mind. Instead, working on these emotions can help manage them better. Therefore, they do not need to defensively hold emotions back and can have the freedom to enjoy life by overcoming depression.
Melbourne Depression Counselling 2 Individuals who are depressed attend depression therapy when they can't escape these feelings; often certain stressful events will set them off, such as a relationship break up, or the loss of a job. Other times, they will become depressed when they give up, becoming lost and lacking direction. Instead, treating these negative thoughts or feelings, and restructuring them, allows them to obtain a more realistic sense of self.
Overcoming these thoughts enables them to put themselves out there in order to participate in life so that they can obtain self-fulfilment.
With depression counselling at Counselling Service Melbourne, the individual reintegrates overwhelming feelings and re-experiences them in a modified way.

What to expect from a depression counsellor?

Therapy Depression 1When individuals cannot cope with their depressive moods, they often find ways to escape these feelings, which deepens the depression. The more one buries their head in the sand and avoids dealing with life, the more this can cause life to become unmanageable for them.

Many people struggle as they avoid dealing with life because it takes less effort to cope. Many become overwhelmed with debt and stress, and so they escape or avoid dealing with it to push the worry away until it takes over them.

With a clear state of mind, the problems do not feel as bad as they may seem, so they become more manageable to tackle them and address them along the way. A counsellor for depression challenges these self-distortions, so these negative perceptions don't take over them.

The old distortions are challenged or modified to help someone believe in themselves and have a stronger conviction in who they are, and they can then feel stronger in their sense of self. Our depression counselling service modulates these feelings, ensuring the individuals become free to live a happy life, rather than using defensive methods to keep feelings at bay. They no longer feel shut down by holding feelings back.

Take charge of your life with our counselling for depression

Therapy Depression 2By reprocessing feelings and changing negative thinking patterns, any individual can overcome depressive symptoms. They can live life according to their real desires and not be held back by negative beliefs.
We assist individuals to create a stronger foundation for themselves, to acquire strength and momentum, build coping ability to move ahead and deal with life challenges.

Having a strong conviction in themselves allows them to follow their aspirations in life, pick themselves up, and continue to grow and discover themselves. We give them the power to take back the control of their life.

When underlying feelings cannot be managed within, these feelings are projected onto relationships, by finding fault in others for how they feel. Many feel the need for attending relationship counselling and anger management counselling

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