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I am so excited to announce my upcoming book. The book is called Unblocking Love: Breaking The Barriers To Get The Love You  Want.

breaking the barriers to loveIt’s a non-fiction self-help book for women who want to understand what is blocking them from getting the love they want. As a relationship therapist, I help couples overcome the blocks that get in the way so that they can maintain long-lasting love. It highlights how your love imprint can blind you to protect you from the fear of getting hurt, which can push love away. The book focuses on how men and women are wired for love differently and understanding each other’s love style can overcome the push-pull pattern in relationships. The book shows that the way each person attempts to get their needs met does the opposite and prevents them from getting the love they want, when they are wired to protect themselves. It demonstrates how to rewire your template for love rather than fear, in order to transform your love life and let down the emotional walls in order to let love in.


This book is for you if you want to unlock yourself from what is holding you back in love.

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About the Author and Relationship Expert.

In her life-changing and ground-breaking book, relationship expert, Nancy Carbone gives powerful insights on how love can blind us and cause us to behave in ways that pushes love away. She demonstrates how to rewire your love blueprint to transform your love life. Drawing upon insights from her therapeutic practice, she demonstrates how to stop blocking love, let go of insecurities, defuse the blame game, and deal with emotionally unavailable people, and more thereby breaking the barriers and manifesting the love you want.

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                     through the barriers to love

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