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Depression Counselling in Melbourne

Counselling in Melbourne can help you change negative thoughts and feelings with depression counselling

Depression CounsellingDepression counselling can help change negative thoughts and feelings. Are you suffering from depressive episodes?

·    Feeling low, blue or melancholic.
·    Seeing the glass half empty and being negative.
·    Feeling lifeless, without energy, flat and dull.
·    Feeling anxiety.
·    Feeling hopeless about the  future.
·    Having no drive or motivation.
·    Finding life pointless and going nowhere.

Individuals with depression don’t have the inner resources to push themselves forward, by not believing in themselves. They give up on life, not having enough motivation to get them through. Repressing feelings takes more energy to escape, so the spark within them becomes diminished. Shutting down makes it difficult to register their ‘self’, in order to take care of themselves. Life can feel dull when they cannot obtain fulfilment from the interests that made them happy.

They discover that keeping feelings repressed can perpetuate depressed states of mind. Instead, working though these emotions can help manage them, so they don’t feel overwhelmed by them. Therefore, they do not need to defensively hold emotions back, but can have the freedom to enjoy life by overcoming depression

Depression can be the manifestation of anger turned inwards towards the ‘self’, creating self-loathing or self-hatred. Depressed individuals can have a distorted perception of themselves, having self-limiting beliefs. These negative self-beliefs distort the way they see themselves and events that happen to them. Often attributing self-blame for things that are not their fault, or taking things personally. Therefore, they give up on situations and avoid putting themselves out there, to avoid perceived failure or feeling unworthy, etc.

Individuals who are depressed attend therapy when the can’t escape these feelings; often certain stressful events will set them off, such as a relationship break up, or the loss of job. Other times, they will become depressed when they give up, becoming lost and lacking direction. Instead, treating these negative thoughts or feelings, and restructuring them, allows them to obtain a more realistic sense of self. Overcoming them enables them to put their ‘self’ out there, rather than continue to give up, due to self-limiting beliefs.

With therapy for depression at Counselling in Melbourne, the individual reintegrates overwhelming feelings and experiences them again, in a way that makes it more manageable for them to digest.

Depression Counsellor

A counsellor for depression challenges these self-distortions, so these negative perceptions don’t take over them. When individuals cannot cope with depressive moods, they find ways to escape these feelings, instead of overcoming them.

Counselling Services in Melbourne modulates these feelings so they are not overwhelmed. So individuals become free to live life, rather than use defensive manoeuvres to keep feelings at bay. So they no longer use psychic energy to hold feelings back.

 Take charge of your life with Depression Counselling in Melbourne

By re-processing feelings and changing negative thinking patterns the individual can overcome depressive symptoms. So they can live life according to their real desires, not held back by self- perpetuating negative beliefs, that prevents them from moving forward.

Seeing our counsellor for depression assists individuals to create a stronger foundation for themselves, to acquire strength and momentum, building coping ability to move ahead and deal with life’s challenges. Having a strong conviction in themselves allows them to follow their aspirations in life, pick themselves up and continue to grow and discover themselves. Take back control of your life.

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