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Anxiety Counselling in Melbourneanxiety counselling Melbourne

Anxiety counselling in Melbourne deals with the underlying causes of anxiety. When we encounter distress, it alerts us to unresolved areas that needs to be worked on within the ‘self’. Often when pain is felt, we utilize defences to avoid the discomfort, so we do not feel what is really going on within ourselves. Sometimes these coping mechanisms take over the individual, worsening the anxiety experience. Anxiety Counselling Services in Melbourne resolves the underlying areas that create anxiety.

Counselling for anxiety can resolve the underlying causes of anxiousness

Counselling for anxiety can resolve the underlying causes of anxiousness. At Counselling in Melbourne,  anxiety symptoms often reflect that something deeper is going on within the individual. Anxious symptoms include:

·    Excessive worry about abandonment, failure or judgement etc

·    Intrusive fears, feeling and thoughts,  for no real reason.

·    Catastrophizing about problems

·     Finding self-blame for things that are not ones fault

·    Avoiding things such as performing to avoid judgement

·    Suspicious for no reason

Life can be overwhelming living with these preoccupations, which can be debilitating. Anxious states can be the manifestations of underlying feelings, causing depression. Anxiety symptoms can manifest when these underlying feelings or negative beliefs become triggered. So the individual avoids these feelings, by incorporating obsessive thoughts or behaviours to avoid anxiety evoking scenarios.

The anxiety will not disappear unless you resolve the real source of the anxiety, by working more deeply at uncovering underlying aspects that underpin the anxiety, in psychotherapy. Avoiding anxiety keeps it there and makes worse.

Many try to eliminate anxiety provoking situations to avoid being anxious, and the ways they attempt to get rid of anxiety can end up hiding the anxiety, rather than dealing with it.

Why seek Anxiety Counseling Services

Counselling for anxiety allows those to explore underlying aspects within themselves that they are trying to get rid of, while work on anxious areas that are stuck and get triggered.

Become free from the debilitating impact of anxiety with anxiety counselling

With Melbourne’s Anxiety counselling, individuals restructure how they see situations that normally evoke them. Instead of attributing self blame for things that are not their fault, they can see the situations more clearly. They also re-examine their thinking patterns as they resolve feelings of unease and embrace situations.

Anxious feelings are disproportionate to the situation, misinterpreting how they perceive situations. Overcoming anxious ruminations encourages them to explore more aspects for themselves and develop aspects that were previously held back.

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