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anxiety counselling melbourneAt Counselling Service Melbourne we notice that the ways the individual attempts to escape anxiety can often prevent them from dealing with it. We aim at dealing with the underlying causes of anxiety to find a long-term solution to it. When certain events trigger us, underlying fears of abandonment, failure, inadequacy, and feelings of not being good enough can cause us to become anxious.

When we encounter underlying negative core beliefs, they distort the way we perceive both ourselves and events that happen to us. The more we avoid these feelings, the more we do not face the anxiety-provoking experience in order to extinguish anxiety.

When we encounter distress, it alerts us to unresolved areas that need to be worked on within ourselves. At Counselling Service Melbourne we notice how many utilise these defences to avoid the discomfort, so the person does not feel the pain of what is going on deep down. Sometimes these coping mechanisms take over the individual, worsening the anxiety experience.

Addictions, affairs, and avoidance only offer short-term relief, rather than resolving the problem of anxiety. Anxiety disorder treatment resolves the underlying feelings that create anxiety, thus offering real change.

Break free from anxious states with anxiety counselling

Counselling Anxiety 2Counselling for anxiety can resolve the causes of anxiousness so that maladaptive coping behaviours do not amplify the anxiety experience. Anxiety symptoms often reflect that something deeper is going on within the individual.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety are:

  • Excessive worry about abandonment, failure, or judgement.
  • Intrusive fears, feelings, and thoughts, for no real reason.
  • Catastrophising about problems
  • Finding self-blame for things that are not one’s fault.
  • Avoiding things such as performing to avoid judgement.
  • Suspicious for no reason.

Melbourne Anxiety Counselling 2

Life can be overwhelming living with these preoccupations, which can be self-debilitating. Anxious states can be the manifestations of underlying feelings, causing depression. Anxiety symptoms can manifest when these underlying feelings or negative beliefs surface. So, individuals avoid these feelings by incorporating obsessive thoughts or behaviours to avoid anxiety evoking scenarios

The anxiety will not disappear unless you resolve the real source of the anxiety by working more deeply at uncovering the underlying aspects. Avoiding anxiety keeps it there and may make it worse.

Many try to eliminate anxiety-provoking situations to avoid being anxious, and the ways they attempt to get rid of anxiety can end up hiding the anxiety, rather than dealing with it.


Why seek anxiety counselling services?

Our anxiety treatment in Melbourne allows individuals to explore underlying aspects within themselves that they are trying to get rid of while working on the anxious areas that are stuck and get triggered.

Become free from the debilitating impact of anxiety

Treatment Anxiety 1 With our anxiety treatment, individuals restructure how they see situations that normally evoke anxiety in them. Instead of attributing self-blame for things that are not their fault, they can see the situations more clearly. They re-examine their thinking patterns as they resolve feelings of unease and embrace situations.

With our anxiety therapy, you can overcome anxious ruminations that encourage you to become free to develop your real potential that was previously held back

Many who seek an anxiety counsellor also seek depression counselling or relationship counselling when they feel triggered to unwanted feelings. Therapy helps to work through these feelings to modify them into a healthier form.

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