Individuals that seek Trauma Counselling Melbourne often repress childhood abuse and internalise that they are  bad or worthless. The anger towards abusers gets repressed and directed towards themselves.

Trauma Counselling in Melbourne

Rebuild your ‘self’ with trauma counselling

Trauma or abuse can cause the follow anxiety symptoms:

  • Feel dissociated, by shutting off from emotions.
  • Many have memories, flash backs, hyper-arousal or nightmares.
  • Do not feel safe in relationships, avoid of intimacy or trusting partners.
  • Difficulty setting boundaries, protecting oneself or expressing oneself.
  • Often get lured into abusive relationships, where boundaries are violated.
  • Some resort to self-injury, to escape the intolerable feeling of worthlessness.
  • Some remain shutoff or detached from painful feelings, as they minimise what happened to them. 

Many are triggered and  re-live the original trauma. Their body reminds them, by reliving the traumatic experience, feeling unsafe.

Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

trauma counselling Melbourne

When traumatic memories are pushed down, individuals can suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with  flash backs, numbing, dissociation, hyper-vigilant behaviours,  depression or anxiety. Many develop coping strategies to put these experiences out of their mind. It is important that individuals do not feel over-flooded with intense emotions or feel re-traumatised by delving straight into the trauma before they’re ready to cope with the feelings.

Our Melbourne trauma counsellor carefully allows individuals to go at their own pace, so they can bring up painful events when they feel safe to do so. The ‘self ‘needs to feel strong enough to cope with the intense feelings, so the feelings can be gradually processed at the clients pace.

 Counselling in Melbourne’s trauma counsellor can carefully track the client’s feelings, which safely allows them to process their experiences, in a way that is containing for them, so PTSD symptoms don’t persist

Trauma Counselling and childhood abuse.

Often, relationships can bring up past childhood abuse or trauma, re-experiencing earlier pain, which becomes felt with their partner. It is important for these individuals to be able to protect themselves and feel safe in relationships, otherwise intimacy can feel re-traumatising for them.

They can find partners where the abuse is re-created, by not knowing how to protect themselves or avoid risky situations, and set appropriate boundaries.When relationship difficutlites arise counselling for relationships can also be useful.

PTSD counselling helps to move past traumatic experiences

By gradually enduring the process of therapy allows individuals to modify intense feelings, so they are better able to handle triggering episodes. A specialist trauma counsellor will allow  you to feel safe at your own pace, within your own comfortable limits.

Counselling in Melbourne for Trauma Counselling

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