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Couples Therapy in Melbourne

Become free from defensive behaviour in couple therapy

When couples protect themselves from feeling hurt, by becoming defensive, they evoke a defensive response in the other. Couples become stuck in these defensive positions,  so the underlying hurt remains unresolved. Therapy for couples allows them to understand what underlies their partner’s reactions. It allows couples to respond to each other, so couples can be free from defensive patterns of interaction. Couple therapy in Melbourne provides a safe atmosphere for  couples to open up to each other. This allows the couple to reach the real essence of how they feel. When they see what is really behind their behaviours, they understand each other and let down their emotional walls.

During Couples Therapy, by processing hurt feelings, instead of reacting, partners can feel more cohesive in themselves and secure in their marriage. Marriage counselling encourages spouses to take ownership for their part and see their partner more clearly, while becoming free from misinterpreting and misunderstanding each other. Relationship counselling allows couples get to the underlying feelings behind their actions so they can respond to each other’s feelings.

When couples stay stuck in self-perpetuating defensive behaviour, it can alert them that the couple needs therapy to avoid things escalating.,  Warning signs can be seen as criticizing each other, stonewalling or withdrawing from the marriage. If these relationship difficulties arise, it is time to seek couples therapy from Counselling in Melbourne.

What to expect in couple therapyCouple Therapy Melbourne

Couple counselling defuses blame and locates the responsibility for change within the individual. Individuals do not always see the part they play in the marriage, since we all have unconscious blind spots that get in the way of seeing ourselves and the impact we have on others. These defensive reactions are caused by avoiding underlying emotions, which are triggered by their partner, and lead to destructive patterns of behaviour. If each partner overlooks their own part, and focuses on their partners, they avoid changing. In therapy for couples, each one becomes aware of the unconscious part they play in their relationship and how they interact with each other, so they can resolve stuck patterns of interaction. Couple Therapy in Melbourne dismantles defensive behaviour, helps couples express underlying hurt and attune to each other’s feelings. Build a stronger foundation for your relationship with Melbourne’s Couple Therapy Services.

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