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Online Counselling Services

Counselling services in Melbourne offers online counselling Melbourne for those around the world. Online counselling offers therapy at the convenience of your own home or location that suits you, from anywhere around the world. You can have online counselling without having to deal with the hassle of rushing to an appointment, driving or dealing with traffic.

Benefits of online counselling

  • Efficient use of time, you save time driving to the office and back.
  • Accessible to those around the world, interstate or regional areas. It allows counselling to be accessible to a larger population.
  • The convenience of having counselling in your own home, office etc.
  • It can often feel safer for those who feel uncomfortable opening up or talking in front of others, the computer screen can act as a safe buffer.
  • Many feel more at ease when they are sitting in their own environment, offering the feeling of privacy.

Online Counselling



Online Counselling will be held on Skype for individual counselling. You will be able to see your counsellor live on the computer screen and your therapist will be to see you. The only difference is that you will be in different locations. Therefor skype counselling operates as a normal session would.

How to set up a skype counselling session online.

1. You need to make sure you have down loaded Skype on your  computer or mobile device,  and check that it is set up and working the first time you use it. The first time you set it up it will ask you to check audio.
2. You can request me as a contact on skype by searching my user name nancy.carbone
 3.  I will accept your contact request prior to our session and call you on video call at the time of our appointment.

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For enquires for online counselling in Melbourne call 0449 861147 or use the enquiry form

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