Resolve Emotional Distress Deep Inside Yourself

emotional distress Often people enter couples therapy or psychotherapy when certain events trigger unwanted feelings deep within themselves, so the individual develops unhealthy coping mechanisms in order to escape the pain. When we encounter emotional distress,  it alerts us to unresolved aspects within the ‘self’, which  need  to be worked through, so  that the pain does not continue to be re triggered. Often when the emotional pain is felt, we use defences to ward off pain, so we do not feel what is going on deep inside. Sometimes these coping behaviours end up becoming aversive to us or those around us.  Anxiety counselling resolves anxiety provoking thoughts and feelings, so the defensive behaviours can be overcome, so that individuals become free to live their life.

How to resolve emotional distress

Depression counselling service, we found that those with depression  or anxiety have shut down their  emotions, as a way to protect them from experiencing emotional distress. In fact, the more one shuts down their emotions, they cannot get in touch with what they need to face, in order to  assert themselves, take action or solve problems. Getting in touch with ones feelings, tells them what is going on inside.

Manage painful experiences within yourself

Escaping painful feelings, means the underlying pain does not get resolved, but further defended against, with destructive behaviours. Without utilising therapy,  the ‘self’ can remain impoverished  and requires refuelling from outside sources in order to stay afloat. Therapy rebuilds the’ self’ to cope, so one does not need to resort self defeating ways to escape. Many resort to addictions or comforts to escape unwanted feelings, so they do not face what is difficult to encounter deep within themselves. It is only through getting in touch with these deeper feelings,  that real change can occur . Counselling Melbourne offers counselling to re-process unwanted emotional material and better manage painful experiences, so it does not get in the way of living ones life.

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