How to improve relationships

Resolve your past to relate better in your present relationships

How to improve relationships? According to Freud, what ever remains from our past, which has not been dealt with, becomes repeated in our actual behavior with others, including our partners and children. It is therefore necessary to resolve the past in order to relate better in the present relationships. f we do not sort out our earlier issues, they replay themselves, until we resolve them. A counsellor can deal with these issues in the context of current problems, so these behaviours do not become repeated and acted out on  love ones. The first step is to address these repressed feelings that are defended against, with these acting out behaviours.

As a relationship counselling, Nancy assists many to understand the part they play in their actions. Counseling in Melbourne offer’s individuals the opportunity to see how they become trigged in their marriage, where they end up re-living earlier painful experiences.  Nancy allows individuals to see that the ways they deal with marital distress actually ends up becoming unhelpful towards the relationship. Providing counselling for relationships issues and  counselling for couples, Nancy has found many of these coping styles work again them and their relationship, used as  a way to ward off emotional pain.

Many are afraid to explore their feelings, yet do not fear the cost to their marriage, when they employ self-defeating behaviours to escape their past. Yet, by doing so, they repeat their past, in their current relationships. Overcome issues in your relationship and seek the necessary help to improve how you relate to love ones.

Overcome issues in your relationship

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