Why are you feeling unloved in your relationship?

Are you feeling unlovedAre you feeling unloved in your relationship? Did you think that you’d never find your soul mate, then all of sudden things changed? You were excited that you met the partner of your dreams, who dropped everything for you and put your needs first. Then, all of a sudden, they developed interests, friends and spent less time with you.

You do not get that loving text anymore. You do not feel so special to them anymore. You ask yourself, what went wrong? All of a sudden you feel unwanted and unloved, and wonder what you’ve done wrong. Here we go again, you knew this was too good to be true, you knew it would be a matter of time that they would lose interest in you. But could this really be true at all?

Perhaps the honeymoon phase is over, your partner feels secure enough to start focusing on their life again, after all the effort they put into the relationship. They put everything else on hold to focus on the relationship and now its time to re-integrate their life into the relationship. In fact, maybe they feel secure enough in the relationship to do this.  Maybe, they have not changed how they feel about you, they feel attached and so they do not have to work so hard. So, why does it feel that they do not love you anymore? Why does it feel they do not care, prefer their friends or interests over you?

Are you feeling unloved for no reason?

You could be feeling unloved for no apparent reason. If you do not feel good about yourself, you may seek relationships to feel better about yourself or feel loved, because maybe you do not feel good enough deep down or feel unworthy. So, you feel good about yourself when you’re close to your partner and bad about yourself when they stop  prioritising you. Holding onto the hope they can make you feel better about yourself or good enough, will keep you from feeling good enough on the inside.

Are you feeling unloved and how to feel love in your life?

unlove feeling

Are you feeling unloved because you do not notice these feelings actually belonging inside of you? If you do not acknowledge your feelings, work on them and rebuild your own self worth, then no relationship will make you feel better about yourself and you will remain feeling unloved when the partner is not there.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with you, except, perhaps you need others so that you feel good enough about yourself. The moment you stop focusing on them, as the source of your happiness to feel good enough, you will build your own self confidence. By rebuilding yourself and  investing in yourself, you will make yourself feel better about yourself. A healthy sense of self will in turn lead to a fulfilling relationship. However, in order to focus on yourself, you may need to work on those  negative feelings or seek Counsellors Services Melbourne services, for relationships, depression or couples issues. If you are  feeling unloved in your relationship, ask yourself is this how you are feeling deep down, unwanted or unworthy? When each person can fully be themselves in the relationship and enhance the others self,  they can offer more of themselves into a relationship, rather than feel the relationship requires so much from them, which pushes real love away.

How to get the love you want?

If you are feeling unloved in your relationships, then perhaps you feel not good enough about yourself and feel worthless, when your partner does not make you feel better. Often many are unaware of these feelings which get triggered and become externalised  onto the partner for causing them to feel this way. So, you  think it’s because your partner does not love  you that you feel this way, disowning these feeling inside of you. You will continue feeling unloved unless you work on yourself and sort out your feelings.

No one can change how you feel about yourself, deep down.

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