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Some counsellors offer psychotherapy that provides instant solutions as a form of supportive counselling, but it does not often deal with the underlying issues and resolve them at a deeper intra-psychic level. Trained in the psychoanalytic Masterson approach,  our counselling Melbourne services facilities the individual to build ego strength to cope, manage feelings, assert their self, take action and solve problems effectively, so they can activate their self to create change within themselves.  While change how they see themselves and others. If an individual is left to their own devices, the pain can become overwhelming, to the point an individual just simply shuts down to cope.Psychoanalytic Counsellors

Masterson Psychoanalytic Counsellors address the root cause of the issues

The psychoanalytical Masterson therapeutic approach,  understands that the individual will build defences to try to rid them of their pain or seek immediate relief with distractions which temporally takes them away from them self,  rather than dealing with the underlying root of the issue. Unfortunately, these  protective strategies can perpetuate more depression and anxiety. The Masterson psychodynamic treatment approach work with those who have poor ego functioning ( self)  and self-defeating defence mechanism, used to disavow pain. Poor ego functioning is when the ‘self’ has no inner resources or no libidinal strength to function adequately  and therefore the individual resorts to unhealthy coping mechanism to get though life, living with an impaired sense of self. These individuals often have difficulties in work, relationships and managing life events

Psychodynamic Counsellors offer long term change

Many individuals want instant  advice, but they ignore the feelings deep down, trying to escape the pain.  It is only through getting in touch with  repressed feelings and understanding what is going on at deeper level, that real change can take place. The ways individuals cope,  by escaping feelings, using distractions or addictions, can further impair their sense of self, so they remain stuck in self destructive behaviours. A psychodynamic psychotherapist at Counselling Service Melbourne can offer longer term change, to resolve the root cause of the issues, rather then  continue to act them out, as a form of instant relief.

If you want to investigate your problems at the core, work through the pain and prevent being triggered, overcome the behavioural patterns, then psychotherapy can slowly work though the defensive layers. When you strip away the layers of defences, you  get the real  self . The self becomes stronger and can tolerate emotional difficulties easier, while becoming less reactive. Psychotherapy can work at a deeper level,  to chip away the defences and illuminate underlying feelings so that they can be worked through, overcome.

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