Person Centered Therapy

At Counselling in Melbourne, Person Centered Therapy services explores the individual’s experiences in  a safe, respectful and non judgemental atmosphere.

Therapy is centred on the person’s  needs, so therapy is directed by the person’s needs.

Applying Person Centered Therapy, Nancy Carbone provides unconditional positive regard, emotional attunement and empathic engagement for each individual or couple. Therapy provides an atmosphere of safety to allow individuals to grow and reach their full potential. Within the safety of the therapeutic encounter individuals can grow and explore their real and authentic self, free from contaminated emotional material. Therapy offers the opportunity to process ones emotional experiences, so they can better makes sense of their feelings and find personal meaning from them.

Nancy employs person centered therapy to assist couples and individuals to work on the areas they want to achieve in counselling, tailoring counselling to the needs of each individual or couple. Nancy  facilates an environment where individuals  exolore what goes on for them, deeping their self understanding and facilating their real self to developauthentic self.

For enquiries for person centered therapy, call: 0449 861 147 or use the  enquiry form page Here.

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