Overcome defensive coping mechanisms

defensive coping mechanismDefensive coping mechanisms are the ways individuals self-medicate when they cannot resolve the issues on their own. Individuals can temporally feel better by having alcohol, an affair or lash out in anger, since it escapes the underlying pain and offers them instant relief. But the emotions become further hidden behind defensive mechanisms, acting out and other destructive patterns of behavior. The impact of  depression can lead to shutting off emotionally, escaping feelings , often perpetuating a negative downward spiral. Anxiety Counselling services allows couples and individuals to move past areas of stuckness, so that they can obtain a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Defensive coping behaviours causes stuckness  and impairs the self

Counselling for depression services explores the underlying emotions and thought patterns that causes defensive coping mechanisms. It is the the ways that individuals avoid anxiety, with defensive coping behaviours, that impairs the self from functioning fully. Many do not know why they resort to defensive coping mechanism such as, affairs, escorts, drugs, alcohol or self harm, which escape unwanted feelings and stop one from facing them and dealing  with life. As a result, these ineffective coping mechanisms, prevent them from moving forward, so they remain stuck, in self perpetuating behaviours.

Therapy services deal with the cause of  their behavior, extinguishing the anxiety in long-term. Clients let go  self protective coping  patterns that prevent them from acquiring a satisfying life.  Counselling Melbourne assist the individual to find their true self, under the defensive layers that are used to ward off pain. Counselling helps individuals obtain clarity in their thinking, so that disavowed emotions do not drive them into a pit of despair, so they can focus on their real pursuits, increasing their quality of living.

Overcome aversive coping mechanisms with more adaptive ways of coping with life

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