Improve Coping and Manage Distress

Improving coping ability and managing distress by facing challenges rather than avoidance.

Life throws us certain challenges, which provides us with an opportunity to grow and overcome them, so we can further develop as an individual or couple.  Improve coping ability and find ways of managing distress by facing challenges, rather then running away. Many individuals struggle to cope with challenges, feeling helpless by those around them.  So they give into certain kinds of avoidance behaviours, in order to escape unwanted feelings, which holds them back from focusing on what they need to resolve within themselves. Many find that taking responsibility is too difficult, so they prefer to do things that makes them feel better, for instance leaving their job when they feel upset, to act out angry  feelings,  Giving into to feelings that overwhelm them, prevents them progressing and moving forward in life.

Impairments in the self are the result of  developmental arrests within the ‘self’, so individuals become stuck at critical life transitions, so they struggle to move on during  critical life stages. Counselling in Melbourne provides an opportunity to resolve areas of stuckness, so you can move forward.

Many couples remain stuck  and cannot overcome conflict, so they are unable to move forward. Certain blind spots can get in the way of overcoming difficulties on one’s own.  In depression counselling Melbourne and anxiety counselling, at times of distress, the secure holding of a therapist helps to process our feelings and alter our perspective of a situation, so that we do not stay stuck in our defensive patterns. Couples Counselling enables individuals and distressed couples to become free from  blind spots that get in the way . Work through underlying patterns and self-defeating behaviours, Managing distress  rebuild the self to grow and develop, overcoming stuckness.

Counselling Melbourne resolves areas of stuckness within the ‘self’, to move forward, giving the push to self activate and initiate ones life.

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