How to change negative thinking?

How to change negative thinking? Overcome seeing things the wrong way, that lead to low self worth. Change distorted  thoughts and feelings. How to stop emotionally beating yourself up or how to stop self-loathing.

Negative thinking leads to low self worth

  • Do you see the glass half empty instead of half full?
  • Do you focus on seeing the negative?
  • Do you find it hard to accept praise?
  • Do you blame your self for things that might not be your fault?
  • Is it hard to see a positive outlook.
  • Do you feel so worthless inside, unlovable or undeserving?

Changing negative thinking,  self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

change negative thinkingAre you  feeling down?  Many attend depression counselling Melbourne as a result of negative thinking, so life feels pointless. When negative feelings cannot be managed, they become externalised onto things around you, such as, not seeing any prospects for the future.

So, how do self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt come about? In our childhood, our experience forms our beliefs about ourselves. When we encountered criticism, the negative thoughts become our inner voice and affect the ways in which we see ourselves, often thinking there must be something wrong within us, feeling worthless or unlovable. As long as all the bad memories are pushed down, those bad feelings become internalised and relived, in the form of depression or anxiety.

Seeing the prospects of the future as helpless means we do not have motivation.  Our thinking patterns stem from our care givers believing in us, giving us our confidence in ourselves. The internal critic  can distort how one see’s things that happen to them.  Many give up because  they do not believe in themselves.

These internal ways of seeing themselves are unconscious, can take over their life and distort how they see things.  So, they  misread situations and people.  Often these earlier feelings can be triggered in a relationship with their partner, so they accuse their partner of putting them down or criticising them.

change negative thinking

How to change negative thinking patterns?

To overcome feeling depressed, one must change negative thinking with anxiety counselling Melbourne. Negative beliefs can lead to depressive states of mind, that keep them stuck. It takes working through these self-beliefs to overcome them, and let them go. Change does not happen unless the old distortions are challenged or modified. Therapy restructures how one thinks and acts.

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