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As a highly sought-after therapist and founder of Counselling Service in Melbourne, Nancy Carbone has a M.Soc Sc (Couns), with 20 years of clinical experience. She also trained at the Psychoanalytic International Masterson Institute in New York for the treatment of relational patterns and lack of sense of self. Her inspiring work with her clients taught her the common mistakes couples make in relationships, which encouraged her to write on various platforms and formed the basis for her book.

In her book, Nancy shows powerful insights on how love can blind us and cause us to behave in ways that pushes love away. The way couples protect themselves from getting hurt can cause them to continually hurt each other,  and the way they attempt to get their needs met usually does the opposite.

Nancy is fascinated at how couples unconsciously connect through their wounds when they want their partner to heal the disowned parts of themselves. She shows the ways individuals relate according to their love style and how to manifest real love, starting with your relationship with your ‘self’.  She shows you how to heal through love, by rewiring your template for love that shapes the way you see relationships and what to expect from them.

In her groundbreaking book, Nancy demonstrates how to transform your love life and break through the barriers to have the love you want. Drawing upon her therapeutic practice, she shows how to stop rejecting love and blocking love with your fear of intimacy. Learn how to disarm the fear of rejection and let down the emotional walls to let love in. You will discover how you can transform hurt into building a powerful connection and manifest the love you want by healing your actual self.

We utilize the Psychoanalytic Masterson approach from the International Masterson Institute in New York. James Masterson, a pioneering psychiatrist, found that addressing the acting out and defensive behaviour causes the person to face their feelings. This allows them to give up unwanted behavioural patterns that cause them to get stuck. When the defensive behaviours are eliminated the real self emerges, along with a stronger sense of self.

Invest in your real self and overcome relationship traumas and personal difficulties with Melbourne’s counselling.

The Masterson approach is an object relations, self psychology and attachment based approach that works with strengthening the ‘real self’ to grow, so it does not remain impaired or stuck, by overcoming the defensive behaviours which keep the self from moving forward.

The Masterson psychoanalytic psychotherapy works on rebuilding the impaired self. By sorting out underlying emotions and removing defensive layers, overcomes areas of  stuckness. Once the real self is functioning properly, the individual can obtain a self-fulfilling lifestyle, with stability in work, love, friendships etc.

Masterson Approach to therapy in Melbourne

There are many ways that individuals can ignore what is going on within themselves or avoid facing the reality of their lives. Many escape by seeking  comfort  (sex, addictions, food, affairs)  to keep feelings at bay. These acting out behaviours prevent us from facing what is really going on, which can keep issues intact. Many of these coping mechanisms can often create more problems, that can destroy ones life and their relationships.

The Masterson therapeutic approach at Counselling Service Melbourne explores underlying aspects of repetitive patterns and self-defeating behaviours, which gets in the way of living life. Defensive behaviours protect against pain, so the behaviour will not change unless the emotions are worked through in therapy.

Current difficulties may originate past painful experiences, which have been kept at bay. The repression of these unwanted feelings can cause depression and anxiety. Freud formulated the notion, that what ever painful material is forgotten, becomes repeated and  acted out in later life.  The Masterson therapeutic approach works through unwanted emotional material, as it comes up, so that it no longer repeats itself.  So, the individual can be free from self- perpetuating obstacles that hold them back in life.

Therapy or psychotherapy improves ways to cope with life

The Masterson approach to therapy provides the individual and couple with emotional holding and containment, while processing emotional experiences, so that it becomes manageable for them. Counselling Melbourne organising the individuals emotional experiences, they become free from defensive patterns that become stuck, rigid and self-perpetuating, which can end up taking over them. By better managing emotional material, the self can become stronger to cope and manage with life. So one does not let internal barriers get in the way of living life.

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