What creates a healthy relationship?

Couples are connected when they’re emotionally attuned with each other.

Couples counselling in Melbourne can assist to resolve emotional issues of each partner, so they  do not get in the way of couples reading each other cues and responding to each others needs. A healthy relationship is when couples can emotionally attune to each other, by sensing and feeling each others emotions, as well being aware of their own emotions. When they each learn to not react to feelings, but use their emotions as a source of enquiry as to what is actually going on for themselves and what they need to address or communicate to their partner, then the relationship can become a strong foundation. When couples are not mindful of their emotions, but defend against them, then they end up reacting or avoid facing issues in the relationship. The other thing that couples learn is that what they have been doing to protect themselves and protect the relationship may often get in the way  of  seeing each other or responding to each other.  When there is emotional stuckness, each person defends to ward off the pain that is triggered, often hurting the other and evoking a defensive reaction in them, rather then eliciting an attuned response in them. When they become stuck, in the past, they relive those emotional wounds, rather the respond to their partner in the here and now, real situation.

Often, we do not know the barriers we each set up, against real intimacy, and how we push our love ones away.  Many distancing, defensive or clinging behaviours  are an attempt to get closer or seek safety, yet they actually create the opposite response.

Couples reconnect when they let down their defensive shield and see each other

Couples reconnect when they let down their defensive shield and see each other, by expressing their self to each other. Melbourne counselor services gets the defensive layers out of the way, so  couples can see each other more clearly and respond in a more attuned way.

Couples often see each other through particular lenses,  that are shaped by their past representation of caregivers, often  miscuing  their partner about their actual needs or misinterpreting their partners intentions. Therefore,  they continually recreate the same  relationship patterns. When couples are not clear in how they communicate, they often become misunderstood and taken the wrong way.  Many couples therapy do not know what they actually feel, because they are not in touch with their emotions or needs. Partners who get in touch with their feelings can clearly express themselves in a way they gets heard.

Our  Melbourne counselling services re-structures the ways that partners relate, so they can become more attuned to each other, so they can relate in a way that responds to each partner’s actual needs. During Couples therapy, couples can then develop different ways of responding, creating new ways of relating.

Couples can move past stuck positions, overcome negative cycles and repair relationship ruptures, to strengthen the couple bond. Partners begin to see each other in new ways and overcome  misunderstanding each other, so they can resolve all kind of issues and move past stagnation in the relationship.Healthy relationship

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