Is Your Relationship Ending?

How do you know if you should go your own separate ways?

Is your relationship ending? With relationship counselling  find out if it is worth rebuilding a broken relationship?  How do you know if your relationship can be rebuilt or should you go your separate ways?

There are indicators that you are better off leaving your relationship and moving on with your life. If your partner expects you to evolve your whole entire life around them, without considering you, then perhaps your relationship is not worth holding on to. If your partner does not listen to you, or find yourself fearful of their anger, so you cannot express yourself, then shutting down is destructive to ones self.  A healthy relationship should be about being yourself and having a partner that encourages this, not suppressing yourself. A relationship should enhance oneself, not diminish or deplete oneself.

Some partners require counselling in order to have a healthy self, since they cause abuse or harm to their partner. Some relationships are too toxic and not worth fixing. The more one gives up oneself, to make others happy, the more destructive the relationship is to ones sense of ‘self’. Your relationship may be worth keeping if your partner is able to take on board feedback about themselves, own their issues and take responsiblity for addressing them.

Prevent your relationship from breaking up if you can be yourself, not suppress yourself

Prevent your relationship endingWith counselling Melbourne discover if it is not too late to prevent your relationship from breaking up. Alternatively, deciding if it is best for your relationship  to end, is never easy to deal with on one’s own. There are many signs which show the relationship is falling apart. If your relationship is full of criticism, blaming, defending, attacking, withdrawing, stonewalling, contempt and loneliness; this represents relationship failure and may require counselling to prevent the relationship from breaking up. Many seek marriage guidance counselling to understand the part they contribute towards their relationship dynamic, so they can prevent their relationship ending.

Some couples leave couple therapy too late, as they become too detached from each other, leading their relationship to be terminate. Many find it hard to leave a relationship and want to see a counsellor before they decide to end a relationship. Others discover their relationship ended and want a therapist to help them let go and move forward. Relationship Ending

If deciding to prevent relationship break up or end a relationship, call Counselling in Melbourne on  0449 861 147 or use the  enquiry form page.

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