Overcome personal issues in your relationship

 Resolve the part you play in your relationships

Each and every one of us  gets hit with situations that challenge us to work on personal issues within our self.  Sometimes facing relationship difficulties with your partner are the times when you will be triggered with your personal issues. These challenges allow us to grow and overcome unresolved aspects within our self, so we can further develop as an individual or couple. If we choose to ignore our personal difficulties when they arise and hide behind our defences,  we become stuck and do not grow or move forward in our relationships.

Sort out unresolved areas within yourself so they do not destroy your relationships

In life we have all learned to protect our ‘self’  by using defences behaviour to avoid feelings, in relationships that stir up our personal pain. These protective coping mechanisms masks the very things that need to be worked on, so we can grow and move past the emotional stuckness. Counselling provides the facilitating environment for individuals to grow,  and work on the aspects deep within themselves, so they can rebuild a stronger foundation for their relationships. By developing a healthier sense of self  they can become emotionally attuned to their partner, rather than weighed down in avoiding feelings.

Unresolved past issues become protected by defences that ward off pain, so individuals feel unable to dismantle relationship patterns on their own and therefore tend to go backwards, to what feels safer and more familiar. So many avoid the chances to work through their issues in counselling. The choice is yours, to change or stay the same.

Providing relationship counselling, personal therapy will inspire you to change how you see yourself and others. Counselling and Psychotherapy Services will enable you to become free from emotional distress and overcome self defeating patterns that work against your relationships. You will become more aware of the kinds of unconscious forces that can take over you and get in the way of having fulfilling relationships.

At Counselling in Melbourne, we cannot change our partner or fix them, we have to let them work on themselves and we work on ourselves, so each partner can fully flourish and take control of their own lives, to enable a strong foundation for any relationship. Each partner will be weighed down if we function for them or take over their life for them. We cannot allow each other to fully flourish if we are trying to change them. Can take responsibility for ourselves, not others. They need to take responsibility for themselves, so they can flourish.personal issues


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