Long Term Psychotherapy

Therapy for deeper issues.

Short term counseling offers temporary relief of the symptoms, however,  the long-standing issues often do not go away and can continue to  present in ones life, without resolving the underlying issues. Nancy’ Carbone offers short term and long term  counselling . Long term counseling and psychotherapy can work deeper to eliminate the problems at the core, so the wound does not get triggered, so these unwanted behaviours can be removed, while building self cohesion. Long term psychotherapy in Melbourne works more deeply to modify old patterns and changes how one feels about themselves and others. The ‘self’ becomes more cohesive and stable to cope with stressors, as the ‘self’ can repair with longer term therapy. Short term psychotherapy  can work on minimising the acting out behaviours which get in the way, but it does not always strengthen the self’s capacity to deal with life.

A counsellor and psychotherapist locate the areas that have been defended against, to work through the underlying painful feelings. Nancy’s psychotherapy services in Melbourne allows individuals to work through these unresolved areas that have been shut out of their awareness, which remain stuck and continually get stirred up. Nancy’s long term psychotherapy works by gently holding and containing emotional difficulties, so these emotions can be transformed in a way that is more manageable for them to digest. Counselling at a deeper level allows individuals to locate the disowned parts of them, so they get more in touch with who they are, gain a sense a more stable and cohesive sense of self. Long term therapy  works at restructuring the psyche structure, develop ego strength, while eliminate self-defeating behaviours and ’acting out’ behaviours. Long term counselling assists individuals to live a life free from projections, which hold them back, so they do not get in the way of distorting how they see things.

Psychoanalytic approach to unresolved issues

long term psychotherapy

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