Are you feeling anxious?anxious feeling

Are you feeling weighed down and anxious? Many suffer anxiety with low mood, feeling miserable, feeling unease, distressed, panic and feeling exhausted or catastrophic.  Life may feel overwhelming with constant preoccupations that create disruptive thought patterns. Anxiety counselling can help

These anxious symptoms come about when the individual uses effort by holding down thoughts and feelings. The repression of unwanted feelings can lead to feeling lifeless or flat. Depressive moods can come about by avoiding what you are feeling, allowing feelings to spiral out of control, causing anxious states of mind.

 Overcome issues deep inside yourself that create distress

At Counselling Melbourne, with depression counselling ,  the individual discover that feelings that have been kept down, create deep issues inside themselves that create distress.  When these feelings surface, the individual finds ways to escape them. By getting in touch with what is going on inside, can help you to understand what you are feeling; what your need and what areas of your life  are causing you to feel down. The road ahead can become clear, with less weight on your shoulders, so one feel free live life.

Get in touch with deeper thoughts and feelings,  modify them in therapy

Individuals can modify dark feelings and re-experience them in a way that makes them more acceptable within themselves. By changing negative thoughts and feelings, individuals can feel more confident within themselves.  By re-organising the individual’s emotional experiences, they do not feel weighed down in holding back their emotions, but becomes free from defensive patterns that can take over their life.  Individuals can have energy for life and focus on their goals, rather than stay stuck in feeling depressed.

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