Counseling and Psychotherapy services are tailored to the individual or couple’s specific needs. Nancy offers individual counseling and couples counseling services.


Why Counseling  and Psychotherapy?

Benefits of Counseling & Psychotherapy in Melbourne

Counselling Melbourne and psychotherapy assists in building the capacity within ‘self, to cope more effectively in relationships, work and other aspects of life’. Psychotherapy improves how one feels about themselves and relates to others. Counseling improves coping with situations in your life. By understanding  feelings and getting clarification, one can become clearer about the direction they need to take.

Melbourne’s Counseling re-processes the individuals feelings so they become more manageable within,  by building strength and repairing the self,  rather then being weighed down with emotional issues. Counseling transforms stuck, rigid behaviour into moving forward. It works with strengthening the real self to grow, so it does not remain impaired or stuck, by overcoming the defensive behaviours which keep the self from moving forward.

Counseling and Psychotherapy in Melbourne

  • Clarify your thoughts
  • Provide self direction
  • Making sense of feelings so they are not overwhelming
  • Provide insight  into ones self
  • Modify  thinking patterns
  • Overcome repetitive patterns that work against you
  • Overcome defensive behaviour

 Expectations for counseling and psychotherapy in Melbourne

In the beginning of counseling and psychotherapy, Nancy will listen to your presenting situation and hear your thoughts or concerns. She will obtain an overview of your history to gain a clear picture of your situation. She will ask what you want from counseling so that you can collaborate on the goals for psychotherapy.

Counseling is a collaborative process. Nancy will listen carefully to understand your concerns and helps to organise your thoughts and feelings.   Counseling and psychotherapy is  50 minutes, in duration.

There is no quick fix, advice or instant solutions that offer long term change. Wanting advice, to seek relief from discomfort is normal, but it doesn’t prevent the problems from re-ocurring.  Effective change can be achieved by working through the underlying emotions.

Many individuals see a psychotherapist because they feel uncertain about a situation, feel stuck on a issue, confused and cannot cope.  Sessions allow you the space to express  your experience, so you can get more in touch with your actual ‘self’ and see what is going on inside.

Long term  psychotherapy is suited for those with more long standing issues that are more debilitating. Long term  individual psychotherapy works at the underlying issues at a deeper intra-psychic level. It re-structures the ways we see ourselves  and relates to others, by creating intra-psychic structural change. Therefore changing self defeating behaviours and patterns. It builds self-cohesion and a sense of self-integration.

Short term counseling is suited for those who may have some adjustment difficulties or stressful life events that they want to work through.  Life can challenge us with situations that that we need to overcome in order to grow as an individual or a couple. Sometimes stressful life events can put us off track, therapy can be useful to get us back on track.

At times,  certain blind spots can  get in the way of  overcoming  difficulties on ones own. There are times that we need the secure holding of a therapist to organise our feelings or  assist us to get us back on track. By listening to the individuals needs and investigating their history, Nancy obtains a thorough understanding of each person’s situation in order to achieve the goals and specifics they want from  psychotherapy.

Couples Counseling in Melbourne

Providing couples counselling in Melbourne, Nancy is passionate at using the Psychoanalytic Masterson approach at dismantling the interlocking of couple’s projections, assisting them to see each more accurately and relate to each others real needs. She addresses how partners get stuck in their couple dynamic, when they each have deficits in their self, while tailoring her interventions specifically for each partner.

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