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The principle counsellor and psychotherapist at Counselling Melbourne is Nancy Carbone, using the Masterson Psychoanalytic approach. The Masterson approach is a treatment model that has integrated developmental theory, object relations, self psychology and attachment theory into a coherent framework. It works deeply at re-structuring  how we see ourselves and relate to others, creating longstanding internal change. It works specifically to strengthen the ‘real self’ to grow, so it does not remain impaired or stuck behind the defensive ‘false self’, which keeps the self from functioning adequately. Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Melbourne

Masterson Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Melbourne.

As a Masterson trained counsellor and psychotherapist in Melbourne, Nancy works with strengthening the ‘self’, so all other aspects of ones life can improve. The Masterson therapy approach works with impairments within the ‘self’s capacity, whereby individuals use ‘false self’, defensive coping mechanisms to escape emotional pain. It is the attainment of the ‘real self’, that real inner happiness is obtained. Nancy works with individuals to dismantle the defensive patterns and acting out behaviours, so they can get in touch with their ‘self’, to cope better in life and relate more effectively in relationships. They can manage all kinds of situations, by having a stronger conviction in themselves. In her clinical work, Nancy has found that no other treatment approach has achieved these results

Masterson counsellor and psychotherapist for the empty and impaired Self

A Masterson counsellor and psychotherapist builds the empty and impaired self. Individuals with a diminished sense of ‘self’ are not able to deal with life stressors, from work, relationships and so on. In order to cope, the individual escapes from unwanted feelings.These avoidance behaviours further diminishes the self’s capacity to function and cope with life.  The self remains impaired,  by not being able to invest in real self pursuits that creates a self enriched lifestyle, from obtaining satisfying relationships and fulfilment at work. So the individual substitutes the impaired self by seeking pleasure, to fill the empty void. So they live a  life based on beauty, sexual promiscuity, addictions, material possessions or even travel to escape  the void of  the empty self.

When the self remains stuck, from pushing away feelings in order to cope, the individual engages in self defeating behaviours which gets in the way of relationships and work etc.  Many resort to addictions, infidelity, acting out and have anger outbursts.

By seeing a  Counsellor and psychotherapist at Melbourne Counseling Service, the individual may discover how current difficulties stem from earlier pain. The repression of these unwanted feelings can cause depression, since it takes a lot of intra-psychic effort to push down feelings, weighing them down. Often, these past feelings get repeated and patterns re-occur in our relationships, until resolved in therapy

As a Masterson counsellor and psychotherapist in Melbourne,  Nancy works to get rid of the natural resistances, so the feelings can become accessible, in order to be worked through in therapy.  By gently containing emotional material,  the feelings become manageable within. The individual becomes free from defensive patterns that become stuck,  which can end up taking over the individual. When feelings are managed within, the individual has more strength or capacity in themselves to deal with stressful  life events, relationships, work and so forth. Therapy enhances the self’s capacity to deal with life, to foster a self enhanced lifestyle.The individual can enjoy the real fulfilment that comes from healthy relationships, work and investing in themselves. Real life fulfilment comes from embracing ones real self.

Approach as a Couples Counsellor in Melbourne

Re-sculpting the ways couples see each other

Nancy amazed at how couples change how they relate to each other, by seeing each other through a sharper lens, rather than interpreting each other through their defensive templates previously developed. Our earlier blue prints for relationships can filter how we see others and relate to our partner. Our past can cause us to become tunnel visioned, by distorting how we see partners and causing us to live in the past, repeating  dynamics. As a couples counsellor, Nancy interrupts projected patterns that distort our ways of relating, so couples can see each other from a new perspective. Combining emotional focused couples therapy, attachment therapy and psychoanalytic modalities, she assists partners to attune to each others vulnerable  emotional needs, rather then reacting to the defensive behaviours.


Professional experience and qualifications as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist

As a professional counsellor and psychotherapist, Nancy trained for three years,  at the International Masterson Institute in New York, where she undertaken a further two years faculty training, originating from Dr James Masterson.  Nancy  successfully achieved a Masters qualification in Counselling and Psychotherapy, specialized in Couple and Family Therapy. She has a Bachelor of Arts, majored in Psychology.  Nancy is accredited as a Mental Health Social Worker and her clients can receive the Medicare rebate from Medicare.

Nancy has over 16 years counselling experience working with individuals and couples. She has provided counselling to adults, couples, children, adolescence, parents and families  in a variety of organisations and private practice.

Nancy has conducted supervision to counsellors and provided training to clinical psychologists in the areas of ‘disorders of self’ and trained those from many organisations. Nancy also enjoys writing blogs on mental health related topics.

Being a clinical member of the PACFA and the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), Nancy has met the professional standards for psychotherapists and counsellors. She is a provisional faculty member of the International Masterson Institute in New York, the specialist training institute on personality disorders ( known as ‘disorders of self’).

 Masterson Psychotherapist in Melbourne

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